• With nearly 25 years of responding to customer needs and 38 patented or patent-pending ideas, Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions.

  • Highlights

  • Positioned for resilient growth

    Our focus on solution offerings and partnerships, Environmental, Social and Governance, and research and development, positions us for long-term sustainable growth that benefits all of our stakeholders.

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    Solution offerings and partnerships

    Within the technology industry, there is a growing market for data erasure solutions. An increased awareness of the use of data sanitisation software, instead of the physical destruction of assets, has resulted in data erasure becoming a preferred alternative.

    Data security is also an important focus. The rise in employees working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for increased data security. These considerations are expected to drive growth in our ITAD and Enterprise markets as trading conditions normalise post COVID-19.

    There has also been an increased demand from customers for our mobile handset insurance solutions. Using the capabilities developed by the R&D team, mobile insurers can now run diagnostic tests on a mobile device using a mobile app when insurance cover is being sought.

    In addition, we are continuing to expand our network of blue-chip channel partnerships, which includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), ServiceNow, an agreement with Deloitte, a Master Services Agreement signed with a major Global Systems Integrator, and a partnership with a new global insurer on a mobile handset insurance programme.

    Our solutions offerings and partnerships, along with our strategic focus on markets that have a growing need for our solutions, means that we are well placed to seize the opportunities that will further our sustainable growth.

    Environmental, Social, and Governance

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations and impacts are growing in importance for organisations in today’s marketplace, which is driving a greater awareness and use of our solutions. Our strong ESG credentials are highlighted in the following ways:

    • Our products and solutions are environmentally friendly:
      • We focus on data erasure instead of asset disposal
      • We adhere to data protection and environmental regulations
      • The London Stock Exchange awarded us its Green Economy mark, which recognises listed companies that derive 50% or more of their revenues from environmental solutions
    • We focus on our employees’ training, engagement and wellbeing, and we are committed to further improving diversity and inclusion within the Group. In addition, customers are important to us, and we strive to meet their evolving needs. Driving best practice within our industry is also a key consideration for us, so we work within the technical communities to help establish standards.
    • Our Board is committed to promoting good governance and strong financial management across the Group.
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    Research and Development

    We develop intellectual property and add resource to our Research & Development division, thus improving our solutions offerings. Our focus also includes research and thought leadership. This helps to ensure our competitive advantage and provides us with resilience in the marketplace.

  • Business Model

  • Strategy

    Our Mission

    To deliver the highest quality technology and efficient data management processes by leveraging our global expertise in data and asset lifecycle solutions.

    Our Vision

    To enable companies to responsibly manage their data by erasing concerns for organisations worldwide.

  • Sustainability

    UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

    In 2015, the UN launched 17 SDGs with the objective to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges and create a sustainable and harmonious future for all. The SDGs cover a range of topics including ensuring good health and wellbeing, achieving gender equality, and promoting full and productive employment. We have reported our progress against the four SDGs that we have a significant positive impact upon and have identified the underlying targets that our business supports. As a Company, we will continue to promote decent work, innovation, and responsible consumption, and strive to reduce the inequality in the workplace and beyond.

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